L.T.J (letter to juliet) is a young, contemporary line of jeans catering to bold and vibrant women in their 20's to 50's.

It all started with an idea inspired while traveling in Verona, Italy, the city and the setting where Shakespeare's tragic but beautiful story of two young lovers took place. Just as the young Romeo writes of his love in a letter to Juliet, our products are a pull from a passion to create clothes that bring to life the love for adventure, creativity and style. 

Mirroring brands made from Italian craftsmanship, L.T.J uses denim made with nature-friendly and high-quality fabric that is sewn and washed by skilled workers in a local factory.

Our brand is for the lover, the dreamer, the artist, the mother, the career-minded and any woman in pursuit of the perfect-fitting pair of jeans.

That's our story. Now, write your own with L.T.J